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Vaccinations in the U.K.

Puppies in the UK are normally vaccinated against the following diseases all of which can and do occur still in the UK:-

Hepatitis (Canine adenovirus)

Vaccination against Kennel cough (Parainfluenza virus) is optional but very advisable if your pup/dog is going to be mixing with many others at shows, or in boarding kennels.

Vaccination against Rabies is NOT done routinely in the UK but is essential if you need to get a Pets Passport for travel abroad with your pet at some time in the future and wish to avoid quarantine coming back into the UK from countries designated on the Pets Passport scheme this does NOT apply to all countries.

Your own vet will advise you as to the correct age for the pups vaccinations usually 2 injections 2-4 weeks apart based on the vaccine he/she uses and also on the presence of diseases in your area.

Your vet will also advise you about the necessity for booster vaccinations and frequency of boosters, in your own area.
Again this can vary a great deal, so please be guided by your vet.

Vaccinations do make sense and help protect your pet against potentially fatal diseases.

Disclaimer: For your information, can we please make it clear that any advice or opinions given on this site can never be a substitute for professional advice from your own vet or other relevant professional. If in any doubt please consult your own veterinary surgeon without delay, should your pet be showing severe symptoms of any kind. No legal responsibility can be incurred by the site owners for any information or advice given on this site.

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