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Cavalier Character

Cavaliers are usually happy, bright, affectionate little dogs, friendly and sociable with people and other dogs, and devoted to their owners.

They are good with old folk as they are not too boisterous and are easily manageable - but equally good with children, they love a game!

Suitable for able bodied and disabled people alike, they can adapt to most homes - town or country, flats or farms.

Cavaliers are ‘people dogs’ and do not like to be left on their own for long periods.

Bright, playful and intelligent dogs, always keen to please their owners, they are quite trainable and can enjoy agility too.

They are one of the least aggressive breeds, and either sex make excellent pets. Males tend not to be aggressive as they can be in some other breeds.

When it comes to exercise, they will go for long or short walks. They do not need long walks but many enjoy them. Cavaliers tend not to have good road sense, and are loathe to go out in the rain.

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