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Essential equipment for new pup

A safe, warm, bed – a crate/cage is ideal.

A crate should be big enough for the pup to stand and sit and lie down – but not big enough for him to wander round. It should have a solid bases and safe door which can be shut.

Best bedding is Vet-bed – not cheaper substitutes – real vet bed will last for years and years – looks like sheepskin and acts like one-way nappies – keeping pup warm and dry.

The crate is for times when pup needs to be left – or be kept safe and so he can do no damage to himself or the home. It acts as a den to small pups and usually they love it.

An ordinary plastic type bed can be used at other times when the owners are at home.

Bedding – as mentioned above – vet-bed is the best.

Dish – one for food and one for water - easily cleaned.

Puppy collar and lead – practice only of course at first. Nametag – with your name and address – and phone number – NOT the pups name.

Toys – just a few – very safe type toys, that a pups teeth can’t destroy or tear apart. No chews unless under supervision.

Diet sheet from breeder – so that NO sudden changes are made.

Note of dates of worming from breeder – so date when next wormer is due, is known.

Note of vets phone number and details of surgeries – daytime and out of hours.

Brush and comb.

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