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The Four Colours

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels come in four colours.

Two parti-colours - Blenheim and Tricolour.
Two whole colours - Ruby, and Black and Tan.

The marking on individuals does vary, but the following descriptions are as the Cavalier breed standard.

Coats should be wavy, soft and silky. They do shed hairs and so need regular grooming.

White, with an even chestnut mask, ears and nicely broken chestnut markings on body.

The prized lozenge mark, is a chestnut spot in the centre of the white blaze on the top of head (not present in all Cavaliers).


The three colours are as the name suggests, white, black and tan. White face with even black mask, white blaze on head, tan “eyebrows”, tan on cheeks, inside ears, inside legs and beneath tail. The body should be white with well broken black markings.


Ruby is a whole colour and should be a rich red without any white.

Black and Tan

The other whole colour, black and tan, is predominantly jet black with rich tan “eyebrows”, cheeks and muzzle, chest, legs, feet and beneath tail. Again, any white is undesirable.

black & tan

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