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Health tests check list that breeding dogs and
bitches should have.

1. Eye tests

2. Heart/ tests for MVD

3. MRI scan for Syringomyelia

4. DNA test for curly coat syndrome
5. DNA test for episodic falling
Not all breeding stock do have all these tests done – but they should be done by caring responsible breeders and will give new puppy owners the best chance of having a healthy happy dog for many years, although nothing can be guaranteed.

1. Eye test – usually done on a litter of pups about 8 weeks old by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Certificates should be seen. Can also be done in adult breeding stock. Certificates should be available.

2. Test for MVD – Mitral Valve disease – done by qualified veterinary cardiologist.
Ideally both parents should be clear of MVD and THEIR parents (grandparents of any pups) should still be clear at over 5 years old. Again certificates should be available.

3. MRI scan for Syringomyelia - Usually done on Sire and Dam over the age of 2.5 years old. Certificates again should be seen but may need some explanations by the breeder or your own vet.

4. DNA (swab) test for a condition known as Curly Coat – a one-off test.

5. DNA (swab) test for Episodic falling (EF) – a one-off test.

So these really are the tests that most good breeders should have done on their breeding stock. Some of these tests are quite expensive and the cost may be reflected in a higher cost of puppies from health-tested parents to some extent.

Bear in mind too – that tests are only an ‘indication’ of a breeding dogs state of health at the time the tests are done – and can never be 100% but do represent the best chance pups may have of a healthy future.

A more detailed explanation of each of these conditions can be found in the Cavalier Health section here

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