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Welcome to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels co.uk

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels co.uk is a general information
site for Cavalier owners, Cavalier owners-to-be
and all Cavalier lovers.

We aim to provide basic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
facts on topics such as Health including Syringomyelia and Mitral Valve Disease, Buying a Puppy
and General Care.

All content on this site has either been written or approved by a qualified
veterinary surgeon who has also owned and treated Cavaliers for many years.
However, this site should never be used as a substitute for either advice or
treatment from your own vet who you should consult with any
problems your dog may have.

For continuing advice why not join us at CKCS Forums,
where we share information as well as light-hearted fun.

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Disclaimer: For your information, can we please make it clear that any advice or opinions given on this site can never be a substitute for professional advice from your own vet or other relevant professional. If in any doubt please consult your own veterinary surgeon without delay, should your pet be showing severe symptoms of any kind. No legal responsibility can be incurred by the site owners for any information or advice given on this site.